Food Matters

Let's guide people to free food.

Spring 2020
(2 weeks)


Interface Design


Genevieve Johnson
Ross Meredith


Adobe XD

The Insight

People who could benefit from food pantries don't know about them.

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The Idea

An app that gives people information about the nearest pantries.

Including their locations, their hours of operation, and what they ask of you.

Pantry Map

Pantry Details


Starting the Project



(UX Design)

Final Design (UI)


Starting the Project...

As part of the 2020 Adobe Creative Jam, my team was given the following task:
Design a mobile app that empowers a specific audience to help improve part of the chain of food collection and distribution.


Secondary Research


  • The common misconception in the US is that people don't go hungry because food is so cheap here, but malnutrition is still a huge issue that needs to be dealt with.
  • Food Deserts are neighborhoods where access to affordable, nutritious foods were limited
  • Food Swamps are neighborhoods where fast food, junk food outlets, convenience stores, and liquor stores greatly outnumber healthy food options

User Interview

We interviewed Enyaj, a regular food pantry user and volunteer.


  • People lack the basic information about food pantries
  • The information is not easily found online, instead there's a physical paper she got from the local Saint Joseph's Center.
  • The paper's location isn't well known, and it isn't regularly updated


While we were researching, we created a deck of the ideas and insights that arrived to us.


Final Design (UI)

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What Worked
Working in a 2 week sprint forced me to distinguish between our group's needs and the nice-to-haves.

We ended up with a lot to show in a short time, and so I understood why design sprints have become commonplace for tech companies.
What Didn't Work
Adobe XD is a great program with a lot of cool features, but lacked the streamline collaborating system of competing programs like Figma.

Working with my teammates, we became increasingly stressed as the deadline approached because new file versions were frequently created, requiring us to take time to figure out what the heck was going on.
Future Considerations
  • User test the screens
  • Interview more pantry users as well as program organizers and volunteers
  • Consider new features, such as messages.

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