Cod Companion App

Let's make an an engaging companion app experience.

September - December
(8 weeks)


User Research
UI Design
Concept Art
Video Editing


Miguel Juteau
Gaby Castro
Julia Engfer
Andrew Hemnes
Casey Montz
Armel Patanian


After Effects

The Insight

Gamers enjoy the game more when playing with a group of people they know.

The Idea

Use the Companion App to encourage and support creating squads through a tag system.

Similar to the guild system in many MMORPGs, squads would be a consistent group of players to play interact and play games with.

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Starting the Project

Research (Sprint One)

Concept (Sprint One)

Sprint Two

Sprint Two Prototype (UI)


Starting the Project...

This capstone project was a partnership between the Santa Monica College Interaction Design program and our industry partner Activision. They gave us the following challenge:
“How can the Call of Duty Companion App create social features to keep players engaged with the game and each other?”

This project consisted of two design sprints.

Research (Sprint One)

Subject Matter Experts

Early on, I consulted with the following people who worked or have worked in the game industry before. Their insights and perspective helped me choose the direction I went towards on this project.

Key Takeaways

  • A reward system can be risky as there's always a chance of it being exploited.
  • Some features such as a loadout editor would be difficult to implement as it would require a lot of work from the dev team.
  • It would make a lot of sense to work off of what was already there.

Secondary Research

I read about how MMORPG gamers were able to create community for themselves, and how the guild systems assisted them in doing so.

“The findings of this study confirm that MMOG players can form gaming communities. Almost all participants accessed or provided in-game social support, and some gave or received broader emotional support.”

User Interviews

Tomoya One

Chiefly plays games on his iPad, and didn’t really start playing “action games” until he lived in America. Before that he played games that


Goes to smash bros tournaments with his friends. He’s pretty casual compared to his friends.


He plays multiplayer games whenever his friends are on, otherwise, he just plays single-player games.


  • People play the games that their friends are playing.
  • The app’s “squads” features was very confusing
  • They don’t care all too much about their stats.

Concept (Sprint One)

I presented the following video to Activision

Sprint Two

In sprint two, I grouped up with Gaby, Julia, Andrew, Casey, and Armel who were also eyeing 'squads' as a way to enhance engagement. We made the following slide deck to present our process.

Prototype (UI)

The following figma prototype was used to test for a scenario in which a player joins the app for the first time, selects their personal tags, and then looks for and applies to join a private squad.

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What Worked
I was easily self-motivated due to this being a subject matter that I was already invested in.
What Didn't Work
This was a large, challenging project during the middle of the pandemic and I was very passionate about it. I really burnt myself out in the end and so it was a valuable lesson in communicating with my teammates when I needed a break.
Future Considerations
  • Create a higher-fidelity prototype to test

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