Action Board

Let's help students organize and create lasting change on their campus.

February - April 2021
(8 weeks)


Data Synthesizing
UX Design
Video Editing


Di Xu
Aaron Guhin
Armel Patanian


After Effects

The Insight

Low-income students don't have the time or energy to address systemic issues on campus.

The Idea

A web forum that connects students with with their peers and administration.

In order to increase transparency from the school, and help students organize.

Starting the Project

UX Research


(UX Design)

Final Design (UI)

& Takeaways

Starting the Project...

Beyond 12 provides a virtual coaching platform for low-income students to bridge the gap between high school and college. IDEO reached out to SMC with B12's upcoming product to answer the question:
how might Beyond 12 use its digital coaching platform to mobilize community college students to redesign their institutions so they are more accessible, affordable, inclusive, and relevant?

UX Research

Narrowing down the "How Might We..."

Given IDEO's broad question, we conducted secondary research and then laid out our data onto an affinity map.


We also interviewed students and administrators and gathered our insights



Based on our interview results, we created a persona, Sammi, and mapped out her journey when creating change at her college.

Service Blueprint

We also used a service blueprint to map out how this product would work within a current community college system.

Prototype Testing

We tested out a few key hypothesis with students.

And organized the results from user testing sessions by screen.

Final Design (UI)

Hi Fidelity Prototype

Finally, my teammates created the final screens to showcase the Action Board concept to the stakeholders.

Concept Video

I created the concept video (including the corny background music) based off storyboards I made with Di

Feedback & Takeaways


What Worked
I really enjoyed interviewing the student activists and administrators of my school for the purpose of helping them work together, organize, and communicate better in order to bring about change. I felt very lucky to work on something so purposeful.
What Didn't Work
I made the mistake of making some seemingly minor executive decisions without consulting with my teammates first, and it caused confusion later down the line. It didn't lead to any disasters, but it was a lesson in humility and communication all the same.
Future Considerations
  • Test latest prototype with students
  • Begin designing screens for the faculty
  • Research with campuses other than our own
  • Start taking steps to make this a real thing!

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